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If you’re into the cryptosphere, you’ve likely heard about one of its most promising sectors for the years (decades) to come:

The tokenization of real-world assets (RWA) with REAL T


If you’re into the cryptosphere, you’ve likely heard of one of its most promising sectors for the years (decades) to come: the tokenization of real-world assets (RWAs). And in this regard, the real estate tokenization company RealT is clearly the most advanced. It’s also a pioneer since, as early as 2019, RealT was selling its first house fractionated into digitized shares on the Ethereum blockchain network. These real estate tokens are now transacted via the much less expensive blockchain Gnosis Chain (formerly xDai).

Discover how you too can purchase your first real estate token through this comprehensive tutorial.

But that’s not all: RealT has just made an exciting announcement that will allow its community to be even more involved in its success.

On February 14, 2024, while celebrating its anniversary, RealT announced a fundraising campaign open to its community. This move demonstrates RealT’s commitment to its users and its desire to democratize access to real estate investment. Today, March 22, 2024, marks the beginning of the community investment round, with participation possible starting from only $50.


Real Estate Revolution, New Opportunities

The RealT platform simplifies rental investment by transforming real estate properties into exchangeable digital tokens via the blockchain. Each property is incorporated as a company, with tokens representing shares of these entities, thus offering intrinsic real estate value. Investors can participate starting from $50, with attractive expected returns.


Democratizing Real Estate through Tokenization

Tokenizing real estate assets fractionalizes them into digital tokens, offering accessible ownership shares to everyone. This innovative approach opens up new opportunities for investors by eliminating traditional barriers such as the need for high initial capital and management hassles. RealT has chosen Switzerland to oversee the sale of tokenized shares due to its crypto-friendly environment and stance on tokenization.

Switzerland provides a clear and globally respected regulatory framework, making it an ideal choice for RealT. The conservative valuation of RealT at $80 million for a fundraising of $5 million is based on an external evaluation from early 2023. The equity tokens, issued at $50 each, represent 10⁹ shares, thus offering high liquidity and fractional ownership.


Community Fundraising: An Engaging Initiative

In February 2024, RealT announced a fundraising campaign open to its community, thereby demonstrating its commitment to its users and its intention to make real estate investment accessible. This initiative allows everyone to financially contribute to RealT’s success, with a minimal amount of only $50.

Tokenization of real-world assets, though in its early stages, could reach up to $68 trillion by 2030, according to the Boston Consulting Group. The entry of financial giants like BlackRock into this field, with the launch of BUIDL, a tokenized investment fund on Ethereum, underscores the enormous potential of the sector. RealT, as a leader with its own tokenization technologies, offers a tangible opportunity to early investors in a promising market within the cryptocurrency sphere.


Strategic Partnership in Europe: Towards European Leadership

RealT partners with WiSEED, a pioneer in crowdfunding in France, and Twenty First Capital, a major player in real estate fund management, to form an ambitious consortium. Together, these entities aim to become leaders in real estate tokenization in Europe, combining their expertise and resources to structure the European market for real estate tokenization.


Towards Decentralized Finance with RealT

By collaborating with AAVE and its RMM platform, as well as evolving on the Gnosis Chain sidechain/L2, RealT is paving the way for decentralized finance. This approach offers investors a dual advantage: a return in stablecoin (USDC) and passive income from real estate investments. However, it is essential for investors to assess financial risks and seek advice before investing.

Through these innovative initiatives, RealT is revolutionizing real estate investment by making this asset class more accessible, transparent, and profitable for all investors, marking a new era in digital real estate.



In conclusion, RealT’s pioneering efforts in real estate tokenization represent a significant step forward in democratizing access to investment opportunities in the real estate market. Through its innovative use of blockchain technology, RealT has broken down traditional barriers, enabling investors worldwide to participate in real estate with minimal capital requirements.

With its community-driven approach, strategic partnerships, and commitment to decentralization, RealT is not only revolutionizing real estate investment but also shaping the future landscape of digital finance.

As we enter this new era of decentralized finance, RealT stands as a beacon of transparency, accessibility, and profitability, offering a glimpse into the transformative potential of blockchain in the real estate industry.