Jeff is the founder of Genefty

Following the emergence of NFT projects, there was a huge need for various skills: Community management, Project manager, Marketing, Moderation, Development etc.

It is naturally that he came up with the idea of creating GENEFTY, a team of experts in these various domains to help you in the creation and success of your NFT project.

Our services

Here is a non-exhaustive list of the services we offer our clients on a daily basis. We opt for the agile method which allows us to meet your needs throughout your project.


Server audit:

Complete check-up of your server and feedback on changes you need to apply.

Discord template:

A server already pre-configured for your project. We will then work on the changes to make it unique.

Administration and moderation:

Our team takes care of the security of your server, the installation of the various bots needed, the moderation team (mine or yours if needed), the recruitment of community helpers.

Community Management

Social Media Manager:

Plan, develop and deliver original, engaging and high quality content across multiple social media channels to promote the NFT launch and marketing strategies, create editorial calendar.

Moderation team:

A team of moderators who mainly deal with NFT projects but not only and who will be available for the animation of your community.


Website development:

Creation of your website (without the smart contract part)

Custom development:

Custom creation of a discord BOT dedicated to your NFT project


Implementation of our Discord BOT (a team is available for maintenance and possibility to add features on demand). Contact us if you want to know more about the BOT features

Our team

Community Management

The GENEFTY team is present on a daily basis to support your projects.

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